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What is the purpose of our existence if we can’t be true to ourselves?! Are we created to be made – or just to be?

The answers have always been simple, it’s the quest that determines our strength and persistence. It takes courage to remain loyal to yourself and avoid man-made distortions. Living in the Middle-east is uneasy and being a female who happened to be different makes it worse. Choosing to be true to yourself is SUICIDAL.

Over time everything changes. You get to learn that traditions are volatile. Self-discovery is essential, challenging society and questioning dogma are the noblest acts. Nevertheless, it is not an easy journey. The cattle will stand out to you, vilify and attack you. They will delude you to believe that there is no choice and that we are merely owned.  The path to enlightenment is loaded with thorns, but what is bliss if not for the struggle.

We rant and whine “Life is cruel” but life has disowned us long ago. Life is not to blame, it’s what we made out of life.

They established laws to mold societies and shape future. It is your choice, will you lose yourself to conformity or seize your liberty?

Limits are an illusion, our strength is infinite and freedom lies in resistance.

Don’t respect the status quo.


Artwork by unknown artist.


January, 2013 To Do List

  1. Finish 4 chapters of music theory.
  2. Finish 2 books (The pilgrimage and history of photography)
  3. Practice on my music instrument daily again. (I am not going to mention which,surprise for the new ones)
  4. Work-out.
  5. Daily meditation.
  6. Photography (Creating a new photo story.)
  7. Writing weekly.
  8. work.
  9. Finish 2 sketches.
  10. Finish my tattoo.
  11. Tongue piercing._DSC0035 - Copying.

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