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Silhouette Dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette reams

There was a girl dressed in fears

With eyes of a tiger

And heart of a fighter

She deceived the monsters disguised with dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette cart

There was a girl with glass-shaped heart

With chocolate skin from silk

And piercing gaze paints kink

She escaped from monsters with angel parts

Once upon a time they thought they knew

The innocence inside colored.. yet hewed

She didn’t cease to rectify

What’s more than meet the eye

For her silhouette dreams

Rescued her from lies…..

outer space trees moon silhouette surreal fantasy art floating island 2253x1377 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_28




Questions run through my eyes

Hard to be told as answers are denied 

Soul to be blamed for conscious dreams

For lackadaisical heart bruised of past

So close_ So distant… I lost myself in time

The words hewed what was meant to survive

 As passion is burned by their crimes

I held my strength for a single touch

And in the shadows I vent my screams

For his desert chose sole dreams

I am no Saint and I am no demon

I am made to seek my humane diamond

Without regret passion suppressed

As momentarily we are destined to bleak

Our sins and demonic greed…..

My love and passion will live in words

I will always long with no regret

As life is beautiful wherever it ends.



Melodies of bullets vent in dreams

As rivers of blood paints & screams

Open your eyes_ here comes reality

Dance on streets covered with vanity

Wear their mask to match cruelty

Was it hard to conform?

Do you resist wandering alone?

Close your eyes one more time

Try to escape somewhere divine

Erase memories and violent past 

Their piercing voices will never last

Close your eyes and dive away

To find the world your heart portrayed

Seek his voice and words unsaid

Sense his touch.. devour his lips 

Draw your lives upon his skin 

Sculpt your bodies united… unchained 

And with drops of wine from wild roses

Souls align and time is frozen




Poison ”a story”

Magical existance ran through my veins

As eyes wide open and mind went drained

Suddenly the universe ceased to rectify

What wind had left inside my heart

Fresh breeze drown me within

To a place where fear held tight

And sun swallowed me inside

Within his eyes I saw paradise

Rivers of roses and sacred wine

 But truth hits with razor blade

To hew the shield blinded me inside

Hello Hello Open your eyes

For the lifeless scars

Remains unfold

No one fixed it no one..


Within my dreams

A mystery, dream and a stone

They pull me apart from my soul

Eyes closed and body relaxed

When nightmares touch and fire attacks

With a sacred touch they left me drained

And held my scent in dark space

They kissed my breath and held me close

For a wind could intertwine their morgue

Smile and hairs should hide my fears

For a precious one, should not bleak

But universe has a different plot

For what’s hidden is not

And far beyond what eyes can see

A fragile heart haunts thee 

Eyes wide open__ lips barley breathe

And body is chained still

within my dreams

Art by unknown artist

Art by unknown artist

US against US

I dived through our endless maze

To see how far we ceased to amaze

I wonder what sculpted our minds

During chaotic lifeless times

So here I am once again

Going through words that drains 

Here I am trying to shine

Seeking Solely Soul

To be mine…..

The cold winter of January

 Was designed for us to align 

Could it be a momentarily star

Or a lifetime crimson bars 

Lackadaisical now we act

Fervent sparks we forcefully have

We walked down the dark streets of February

As dark thoughts hewed

And soul-aches attack

As crown of thrones from  past

Could no longer be chained

I thought we will never mourn 

But as March arrives voices of us provoked 

Seems timing intertwined 

A wrong place__ Not Divine

Days passed  like merciful funeral melodies

Alike_ null and void

Doubts painted lone inside us

Salvation is colorless vague every night

Hello, Hello May arrived

And with a big smile 

we deceived no-one but us

Am I destined to hold your hand

In a life that I barley stand

Late June labyrinth to be ended

As the magic of us 

Pushed silence to fade

And in that colorful night

We craved the piercing eyes

Of our past & present timeline

Nevertheless July became a mess

Of fears and lies we could not resist

Shadows filled our eyes 

And the picture of us

Still waiting to intertwine

I wonder if its a chapter to end

Or patience that solves our maze within

Artwork by unknown artist

Artwork by unknown artist


You pushed me to dive within

Where stars are limitless

And paths are no  more dimmed

Your thoughts rejected me

for everything I wouldn’t be

Did my lights scare you

Does my mind devours you

Take my hand and escape

For a sacred place we create

My breath senses your scent

My lips cries out sins

Believe our signs

Ignore those thoughts

You are destined to be 

The mirror of my soul

Art By Max Ernst

Art By Max Ernst

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