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Silhouette Dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette reams

There was a girl dressed in fears

With eyes of a tiger

And heart of a fighter

She deceived the monsters disguised with dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette cart

There was a girl with glass-shaped heart

With chocolate skin from silk

And piercing gaze paints kink

She escaped from monsters with angel parts

Once upon a time they thought they knew

The innocence inside colored.. yet hewed

She didn’t cease to rectify

What’s more than meet the eye

For her silhouette dreams

Rescued her from lies…..

outer space trees moon silhouette surreal fantasy art floating island 2253x1377 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_28



Diabolique Chronicles – The tale of “us”

“You better quit your disguised trials, for she will hurt you and she won’t compromise”

She, Diabolique is the ultimate magnet to your kind, she loves it, longs for it and seduces inferno out of it..

Dear Masquerade,

I named you masquerade because it is everything you are. I can not undress you nor reveal you. It is who you are and what you were made of.


But I will bruise you, destroy your colorless defenses and cover your truth with your man made lies.


But I will haunt you, taste you and abandon you. For your lies are sweet and your authenticity is unreal.


To have you, leave you, have you and escape. For we are, storms not to unite, but to destroy.


For me you will remain nostalgic, for you I will remain elastic.


Leave you with a false goodbye, a false promise of future encounter.


Remains unwritten, undecided and unplanned. Nevertheless, beware another chance is damned.


Former addiction, false love..

Photography by Coke Wisdom

Photography by Coke Wisdom

Diabolique Chronicles – The Art of Being Me

You don’t know me – a statement that should be remembered over and over again, for ego blinds intuition and lust haunts your passion…

Liberty is what defines me, I remain a body seeking to intertwine with its soul, lost in my vision and aiming to reach horizon.

Love equates complexity, for giving in is almost impossible and mistaken compromise with submission blocks me. How can a she wolf turns submissive.

Passion might be my ultimate gift for you until you take it for granted – I disappear, for I am the girl who longs for solitude and loses herself in serenity.

Don’t count on nostalgia, for my black box of memories is occupied with one star, a star that went apart long ago, but it remains craved in my heart and soul.

Beware from oblivion, for I have mastered the art of Oblivion.

Angelique (Angelic)  I am with all my body, mind and soul BUT Diabolique (Diabolic)  remains accompanying me, I am the extreme double faces, and when you provoke the borders of my mind, I flip.

Don’t be blinded by your strong masquerade, for the rebel could see through you, embraced and accepted you, and as you ceased to chain her.. She escaped and will continue haunting you.

I lied there charmed momentarily –  my mistaken love…


Unjust Freedom by Faei

Loving the Devil

A wise man told me once

Care what you wish for child…

I wanted chaos, circus and mere war

Passion equates the Helen of Troy

Mirror, Mirror – who am I?

Dear life, you are Diabolique in disguise

You are full of purity

But the monster hypnotized you

The irony, it is melancholic and true

For you who drowns him to you

For weakness, mesmerizes you two

Could you addict what you despise

Dancing with the devil surrendering in a glance

You are to be blamed

You admire the masquerades he claims

He can not break you

But you witnessed his falls

For he will struggle to



And enjoy…

Wake up from your dreams

The sphere is not beautiful as it seems

Wake up and change the path

For the monster is Lucifer in disguise.




An ambiguous presence,  intricate not to be abandoned.. She struggles to escape – he grabs her senses… She takes a deep breath, shivering and muddled. Once again; she seizes to run – but she is detained within his ropes. 

She is able to leave – but somewhere inside, she does not want to leave. His alluring existence; is her undeniable addiction.

Ironically, for him she is complex layers. For a moment she surrenders, but the next move is dim.. vague and borderline.

She smelled his chaotic thoughts as she surrenders, he was blinded by submission and intense passion. She is aware that love won’t save them, she is aware that it is merely short chapter.

She closed her eyes to reality, blindfolded from her reason, her ego… She gave in to passion, fragile futurity and love… Love that is for him equates possession, and obsession.

To be continued…



Diabolic they called her

A Vigorous they see her

For the truth is unbearable

For what she feels is despicable

There a path that I know

Where voices haunt me like a crow

For the diaspora, I acquaint called life

For the melodies, I sense and dwell alive

There is a word I yearn for

Hard for what you may know

For they taught me

That seeking my trust is wearing

I am on the borders of deformed mind

I am on the edge and colorblind

I lay down restless and faithless

Longing to let you hear this

Yet memories manifest

Where all my all is risked

So darling breath me in

Hide me within

Let me close my eyes

And chant your lullaby tonight

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

Sinful Virtue IV

” I chose to remain tangled.. For a while.. Because it’s me and only me who controls the complex ropes of my unconditional freedom, and no one shall take the lead.. No one. I refuse to compromise my freedom, my beliefs and above all my passion” She said with vigorous tone.. Yet a fragile soul hidden behind the dark shadows of her heart.

” You always cease to find.. or create an excuse to escape. You wear a very professional mask of strength. Don’t be frightened, it’s an enormous act, no one shall see through it, I know how weak you are because I am your male version.” Her best friend answered..

” I am not weak, I choose when to join the brutal game and when to leave, and darling I can leave anytime.. I just did” She replied..

” Diabolique…. You are weak because you vanish as soon as you start getting attached!” He replied..

“Darling I refuse to be attached to people, places, and even countries..” She responded..

“Exactly taking the risk of attachment needs power, enough strength to handle attachment and loss” He replied…

” My male version or my alter ego!”

she answered and suddenly became speechless, she knew that heartache is the only thing she can’t afford, but she also worships freedom and solitude, floating with the wind and dancing with the hurricane are the only realities that satisfies her. She is a free soul, destined to wander in the universe and explore the smallest details.

Once upon a time she gave in to love, she compromised her freedom only once.. She left scars on his soul and he left immortal questions, but as much as the questions torn her apart, and the soul ache that might be relieved with closure, she finds pleasure in the rummage journey; for it satisfies her incomplete existence.

She dances in the rain, tastes lust and sings silent. His poison haunts her, but she is free… She is Diabolique, heart and soul.

To be continued………



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