The Fading Art of Revolution

Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale "Breathe in life and breathe out distortion. Breathe out violence, blood, and pain. Breathe out flashbacks that are prone to destroy you." I whisper to myself as I struggle to move from bed. 7 years have passed in an eye blink, however, I can no longer touch the euphoria I once... Continue Reading →


Letter to myself… Confessions II

Today started 'ordinary' with no single urge of doing anything, even work. I decided to watch a movie then maybe drawing; unfortunately I found out that I forgot my kit somewhere. As I am trying to fight my new demons that screams out ''life is pointless''.        I had a long conversation somewhere... Continue Reading →

Recipe to Smile_

' I am losing my mind 'My soul was screaming to awaken my senses as I was sitting on the boulevard at Down Town_ Cairo, after my sudden anger towards my best friend, without a significant reason.  I did not know what do I want to do, or where I want to go. I just... Continue Reading →

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