Diabolique Chronicles – The tale of “us”

“You better quit your disguised trials, for she will hurt you and she won’t compromise”

She, Diabolique is the ultimate magnet to your kind, she loves it, longs for it and seduces inferno out of it..

Dear Masquerade,

I named you masquerade because it is everything you are. I can not undress you nor reveal you. It is who you are and what you were made of.


But I will bruise you, destroy your colorless defenses and cover your truth with your man made lies.


But I will haunt you, taste you and abandon you. For your lies are sweet and your authenticity is unreal.


To have you, leave you, have you and escape. For we are, storms not to unite, but to destroy.


For me you will remain nostalgic, for you I will remain elastic.


Leave you with a false goodbye, a false promise of future encounter.


Remains unwritten, undecided and unplanned. Nevertheless, beware another chance is damned.


Former addiction, false love..

Photography by Coke Wisdom

Photography by Coke Wisdom

Diabolique Chronicles II ..

Mogwai – Take me somewhere nice….



Morning routine, writing side by side..

One of her freaks calls, he laughs, video record her blushing face, unaware that she blushes from diving onto his eyes, isolated from the words said over the phone.

A friend surprises from another continent for one day – Morning routine plus one, she pretends to enjoy the surprise, the unexpected gesture, just to avoid falling.. Yet, she remains looking at him.

Hard confession.

Hands in pockets, avoiding a slight touch… Conflict..

Long walks, the Jewish temple.. Lost in art.. Lost in each other.

Tough flu… Long sick beautiful night flavored with soup….

Tango OR Kizomba…

Violence, clashes, birthday girl – time stops.. 12 am.. Berry intertwines.. inferno….Magic…

Heliopolis – in the middle of a protest, arguing, disconnected and lost in his eyes. Murdering passion…

Isolation, escape, illusion and one night, intertwine… In the middle of the street after midnight, soul burns with passion, lips longing to devour but she leaves..

Mind burns, soul and heart aches -She does not want to lost this, better secure distance..

Another evening, Berries… Pretends to be distant momentarily and again lips intertwine, souls devour each other… Time stops.. They became one…

But who can overcome fate… ambiguous events, rants… 3 years later, she remains clueless, longing for answers and giving up on fixing…

3 years later, when Angelique turns to Diabolique… Filled her days with muse and colors, until one day, she realizes that dates are marked by his existence and separation – disconnection..

If you only know that its untrue….

Birthday is marked with numbness, questions and craving…

Edward Hopper

                                            Edward Hopper

Diabolique Chronicles – The Art of Being Me

You don’t know me – a statement that should be remembered over and over again, for ego blinds intuition and lust haunts your passion…

Liberty is what defines me, I remain a body seeking to intertwine with its soul, lost in my vision and aiming to reach horizon.

Love equates complexity, for giving in is almost impossible and mistaken compromise with submission blocks me. How can a she wolf turns submissive.

Passion might be my ultimate gift for you until you take it for granted – I disappear, for I am the girl who longs for solitude and loses herself in serenity.

Don’t count on nostalgia, for my black box of memories is occupied with one star, a star that went apart long ago, but it remains craved in my heart and soul.

Beware from oblivion, for I have mastered the art of Oblivion.

Angelique (Angelic)  I am with all my body, mind and soul BUT Diabolique (Diabolic)  remains accompanying me, I am the extreme double faces, and when you provoke the borders of my mind, I flip.

Don’t be blinded by your strong masquerade, for the rebel could see through you, embraced and accepted you, and as you ceased to chain her.. She escaped and will continue haunting you.

I lied there charmed momentarily –  my mistaken love…


Unjust Freedom by Faei

In the spirit of Jihad, Lets Raise Rainbow Flags! Halal Homosexuality.

Disclaimer: Jihadi+ Content. This is a real fatwa and it is not April’s fool. Yes, beautiful it is real, Middle East fanatics will cease to surprise you every day.

Today I came across a brilliant video of a Muslim cleric, who clearly supports LCBT rights. The very unique cleric speaks about a special Fatwa which allows homosexuality during the Jihadi trainings. You know a very improved martyrdom method, in which you widen your anus by anal activity exchanged with your fellow Jihadi pals. Hallelujah queers, who wants to join the parade?!

The brilliant Fatwa was issued on Lions of Sunna internet forum, responding to a Jihadi who asked Sheik Abu Dimaa Al-Qassab for an advice regarding committing suicidal operation through this method. The Jihadi said ” They had invented a new form of  suicidal operations – explosive capsules are inserted into your anus. In order to train for this method of Jihad, you must engage in anal activity  for a period of time, in order to widen your anus to insert the capsules, my question is whether I should allow the Jihadis to f**** me for training purposes”

The extraordinary Sheik braised allah and said “In principle, sodomy is forbidden. However, Jihad is more important. It is the pinnacle of Islam. If sodomy is the only way to reach this pinnacle of Islam, then there is no harm in it. Following the rule of “necessity makes the forbidden permissible”. Therefore, you must be sodomized… Afterwards, you must ask Allah for forgiveness. Know, my son, that Allah resurrects Jihadis on Judgment Day on the basis of their intentions. Allah willing, your intention is to support Islam. May Allah include you among those who heed His call.” Accordingly and in the spirit of Jihad, and highlighting that necessity makes the forbidden permissible, I invented a list of the things we can do following the former rules (To be confirmed after fatwa from the fabulous, the one and only Abu Dimaa Al-Qassab)

  1. Halal Sex – We should be allowed to sleep with foreigners without marriage in order to monitor information about the western infidels, more importantly, to seduce them enough to join Islam. It is a (win – win) situation.
  2. Halal Bisexuality – We should be engaged in threesome activities with western infidels for monitoring and spying purposes.
  3. Halal Orgy – Orgy activities should also be allowed in terms of greater monitoring, sucking… energy of the infidels, consuming their physique..
  4. Halal Homosexuality – Gay activities should be allowed, not only with fellow Jihadis but also western infidels, but maybe this time we can use more TOP Jihadis to widen the infidels anus and shove explosives in their ass!
  5. Halal Dancing – You know belly dancing is exotic, in addition to we can add cameras and whatever monitoring equipments we might have, to the belly dancing outfit 😉
  6. Halal Alcohol – Yeah babe! I mean it’s known that Beer after Whiskey is risky – Tequila after Beer is Queer and Beer before Wine is fine 😉 So Let’s get the western infidels drunk and recruit them to our end. Unfortunately, they won’t enjoy drinking unless we have a couple of drinks, I won’t mix alcohol I promise. I am very well trained to avoid hangovers.

The list goes on and on but I included the stuff that are forbidden from us Arabs just because we are not engaged in a Jihadi tribe, but come on! Everyone can do Jihad in their own way. For example, my Jihad is mocking your bullshit, exposing your sexual suppression.

Why so serious dude? Why would you excuse being gay for Jihad and use everyone’s asses for this concern, just come out of the closet and you will find those who supports your right to fuck or be fucked!!!

One final question: I wonder if Jihadi men went to heaven and meet the 70 virgins, will they enjoy sex with them, or they will request toys and stuff, you know strap-ons. Link to original article and video: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2012/07/31/sodomy-widens-your-anus-for-jihad/

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo

Loving the Devil

A wise man told me once

Care what you wish for child…

I wanted chaos, circus and mere war

Passion equates the Helen of Troy

Mirror, Mirror – who am I?

Dear life, you are Diabolique in disguise

You are full of purity

But the monster hypnotized you

The irony, it is melancholic and true

For you who drowns him to you

For weakness, mesmerizes you two

Could you addict what you despise

Dancing with the devil surrendering in a glance

You are to be blamed

You admire the masquerades he claims

He can not break you

But you witnessed his falls

For he will struggle to



And enjoy…

Wake up from your dreams

The sphere is not beautiful as it seems

Wake up and change the path

For the monster is Lucifer in disguise.



With his gauzy smile and vigorous eyes

Wandering earth with no disguise

Doubtless of his path

For chaos has no chance……

Strolling vivid nights alone

Careless of what was gone

Scatters reality as she gazes

For life’s but no mazes…..

But cosmos have a plot

Their encounter is paradox

And as winds smoothly flow

Souls intertwine for the lost vow……

Precious, Precious

Our time is righteously wrong

Sounds are melancholic and lone

Perhaps our existence ignites passion

A tempest lost – long forgotten

Beautiful winters we longed for

Warm bosom – far away….known

Swaying together far from hay

To an honest harbor

We are living in a heavenly dream

Too right.. yet, unreal

What is that work of art?

When we align as shattered stars

Utterly united

Surrendering and collided

Dangerously beautiful

Even if apart.




An ambiguous presence,  intricate not to be abandoned.. She struggles to escape – he grabs her senses… She takes a deep breath, shivering and muddled. Once again; she seizes to run – but she is detained within his ropes. 

She is able to leave – but somewhere inside, she does not want to leave. His alluring existence; is her undeniable addiction.

Ironically, for him she is complex layers. For a moment she surrenders, but the next move is dim.. vague and borderline.

She smelled his chaotic thoughts as she surrenders, he was blinded by submission and intense passion. She is aware that love won’t save them, she is aware that it is merely short chapter.

She closed her eyes to reality, blindfolded from her reason, her ego… She gave in to passion, fragile futurity and love… Love that is for him equates possession, and obsession.

To be continued…


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