I fail to understand How did you vanquish your heart I fail to comprehend How you seized to hew my hand. I find it strange That you carry on again With no remorse Or a final stand. I can't resent you My being is unlike you I wear no masks.


Seeking Peace

You come here to find peace From wars you think You didn't seek ---- You visit my world longing to smile Of the silver and gold entwined --- Alone - Alone you grief Lost in your mind Pondering of loss and cry ----- You may fool yourself But not I I swayed miles in your... Continue Reading →

The Journey

I've always wondered what keeps me moving, where do I get this strength from? How come I am always resilient? To be honest, sometimes I doubt if I have the "luxury to collapse" Life does not allow me to. Is it hope? Hope for better days, for magic.. Hope for starting fresh. Hope for Love.... Continue Reading →

Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde

Ignoring the conflict inside was facile... Until she arrived unbidden Love, brought Jeykll to life But Hyde fought vigorously inside --- Once Hyde overcomes Love turns to dust Hate Rage And Envy reign Who are you to touch the devil, he says Death awaits your kind I shall shatter your being Devour all meanings You... Continue Reading →


Spare me the knowledge of life For what's life without a dream Soul unleashed Heart pumps free --- Spare me the knowledge of reality For your world is mundane Fortune is the temptation Rage is salvation --- Spare me the knowledge of feelings You are walking with the dead! --- Spare me the knowledge of... Continue Reading →

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