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The past made you lost in space

You wanted me present

You wanted me gone

You pierced me to your shield

You left alone


And I fight my demons and whisper

It’s perfect love

And I lay with demons and Whisper

It’s perfect love


Carve your pain onto my heart

I am made of poison

Nothing will hurt

I may cry but you are blind


And I fight my demons and whisper

It’s perfect love

And I lay with demons and Whisper

It’s perfect love

And I smash like stars and whisper

I am perfect love

And with a grin, I whisper

I am perfect love




I love full moon nights. I believe that myths about werewolves, witches, vampires, and whatever is connected to full moon have origins. When I was a child, I used to leave my  bed and wander in the balcony, longing to catch proof; an ounce of spark that would satisfy my vivid – almost realistic imagination. Ironically, I was a very skeptical child, I questioned anything and everything, too curious that I forced my parents to answer my questions bluntly & avoid me. However, when it comes to myths, what’s far and beyond the invisible, I was welling to reach horizon for facts. I never questioned that reality, I was just seeking origins.

I remember every-time I traveled with my family, I would sneak at nights, run to the beach and stare at the waves until sunrise. That’s only when I felt/feel alive. Something about the unknown attracts me, like unearthly magnet. I wonder if my humble existence is naturally attracted to this miraculous force – opposites attract anyway BUT not everyone is enchanted by that.

Now, as I am an official adult, I remain longing for the other realms. However, I discovered that on this insignificant chaotic planet there are also magical forces – invisible, terrifying, bittersweet, strong yet vulnerable….. Forces that can give you everything and take them back in an eye blink. Moments are the absolute definition of PARADOX, they could be boring, draining, long OR magical, short and euphoric. Sometimes I wonder if time travel or dancing through dimensions actually happens during these moments!

I feel that when time and love collide, the human definition of time becomes irrelevant. We simply transcend during few seconds that all the surroundings start to vanish smoothly until everything is blurred yet beautiful, a state of art where feelings takes a physical form and colors are felt not only seen. Time is no longer relevant, you think ten seconds pass in hours and days are not enough..

Exploring our Five senses become addictive, we want to try everything all over again. However, everything is new… Senses change to a spontaneous  uncontrollable power. Mind, body and soul unite and transforms to a new fresh being…

Restrictions, moral codes, man-made traditions vanishes in the process.

Full moon nights are indeed mythical – in my reality, masquerades fell, I got lost in time and space, and the unsaid erupted like rainbows.

That moment we were magic.


Melodies of myself…

– I still remember that day when words remained unsaid, when soul-aches pushed me apart like tornado, when my life changed and the roller-coaster ceased to define me. But I am fine… I can still swing in my personal opera, paint smiles out of sea waves, dance naked under the cold rain and breathe in silver moonlights.

Thoughts are like snakes tangling everything I am.  Reality is intertwined with fantasy. I can no longer recognize myself or my dreams or what I am longing for…. I am lifeless, numb and ruined. Feelings are so huge that I am unable to create a coherent statement or explain how I feel.  I wonder if tomorrow I can just vanish, disappear in existence like a forgotten feather that once witnessed remarkable moments and history through its flying journey.

But I am alive… I am alive even if surviving murders every ounce of my existence, I am alive even if memories are collection of razor blades torn my emotions, bleed and dance in my chaotic mind… my mind … my bitter sweet circus.


The Art of Letting Go!

My Godmother told me “I keep the good and try to forget the bad”.. She triggered intense memories in an eye blink, and as soon as I opened up, she quoted from her Grandfather, one of the most profound and intense words I ever came across…


I have been trying to master the art of letting go for over 10 years, and I have got to say it neither voluble nor sensible. it is a combination of holding onto the beauty of passion, the unforgotten irresolute memories, the awakening touch AND futile reality.. It’s a contradict, yet mastering THE ART OF LETTING GO is a beautiful paradox.

It’s about letting go of possibilities and holding onto memories. Facing yourself with a sad grin and screaming out “They are not here anymore and I SHOULD MOVE ON

In my life, I was lucky enough to encounter two stars…

THE FIRST STAR is my father, the one who ignited everything I am today. I was blessed to have a father like him, a rare soul and very unique person, too unique to be found in Middle Eastern societies. He taught me everything, how to communicate with universe, how to cherish the short moments, how to write, paint and smile and above all HOW TO READ LIFE, HOW TO BECOME WHO I AM, AND HOW TO STICK TO MY MORALS. I lost him when I was 14, and I went through a series of misfortunes, terrifying moments that are still unspoken. Believe it or not, I was damned for years in the circle of possibilities, the lack of reaching out to the world because he was my only mean to see everything clearly, he was my ultimate heavenly gift.

THE SECOND STAR I would call OBSCURE not for what he is, but for how we crossed each other’s’ path. It was that very moment when everything sounds like a miracle, when time, place and space vanished for us to meet. Regardless of distance, man-made differences, fears and insecurities – he reached out for my soul when all what they saw was my body, he made me transparent when I was made of MASQUERADES. He loved who I am, what I am and how I will be… How I become today. Ironically, I paid a very expensive price to reach where I am today and to witness my dreams coming true in an eye blink. I lost him for me to learn HOW TO LET GO. TO BECOME WHO I AM TODAY. The person he always believed in, when I was too blinded and couldn’t identify my value. They say that soul mates are meant to open doors in our lives, but not to stay with us. If that’s true, then I experiences a miracle. I am lucky.

ON YOUR EFFORTS OF LETTING GO remember two highly important things, don’t compare and remember that stars are incomparable…. GIVE UP possibilities.

Don’t be ashamed of NOSTALGIA, don’t be afraid to run onto your SHIELD OF MEMORIES whenever you are close to surrender. For it keeps you strong and urges you to continue.

Don’t LISTEN to people who keep saying over and over again MOVE ON, you have to move on by yourself and as hard as this might be, no one can help you out and you will always listen to your soul. Just be ready and remember that you are BLESSED for encountering stars.

LET GO of possibilities, it is intense, hard, aching and almost unbearable. However, for a moment take a breath and give in to life. be certain that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON and what’s meant to be will be.

ACCEPT YOUR TENDANCIES and praise them, we are meant to struggle and when you are saddened and hurt, remember that you are ALIVE.

HOLD ONTO life, love and hope. You are capable of loving still, as long as you breathe, you can love, don’t block your passion. I learned it the hard way, but I did.. I put my shields down and regardless of anything, I encountered precious moments.

DANCE, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SENSE THE FRESH BREEZE  whenever you are about to fall on your knees, YOU ARE ALIVE.

NO REGRETS, don’t ever regret of having faith in a false person, remember their few sincere moments and if they had none. Be certain that people get to our lives for a reason, an experience to make us stronger… Maybe to support you to give in… If they were pretentious, you were authentic and YOU ARE THE PRIORITY. 

PRAISE CIRCUMSTANCES and cherish passion.

Last but not least, LETTING GO IS NOT TO FORGOT. it is to remember and cherish deep memories and smile. TO BE FREE.

Art By Emma Fay

Art By Emma Fay

50 Shades to Escape….

While some might think that this is an attempt to justify my escape syndrome, I came to write a personal manifesto.. A statement for all of us who are tired of explaining the do’s and don’t’s.. The reasons and justifications of running away.

When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and without going further with the null description. Let me state an intense symptom that we all “humans” experience by different levels – FEAR OF LOSS/ABANDONMENT. Who dares NOT to say that somewhere on the back of our mind we are scared of losing those very few persons we cherish, we love and constantly long for.. Believe it or not we “women” do experiment and exercise the worst fear episodes, even we were too independent and too tough to admit it. Having mentioned the first layer of running away, lets get the challenge started!

Why do I run away? Why do we run away?

1- We are scared of LOSS, this feeling of losing someone by any mean is unbearable. It’s too aching that war and destruction might feel easier. Because we hate this tears that refuse to come out of our eyes every night. Because some of us might not have the luxury of being exposed for a moment and life forces us to be strong and stand still regardless.

2- We might project a VULNERABLE image, yet we become obsessive with details once we are one step closer to attachment  and what arrogant people might not notice that when there are ambiguous question marks, and fishy actions. We might seek an authentic answer but once things become much unexplained… We simply bounce back.

3- Being CLOSE but not TOO CLOSE, some people demand everything at once, they want you to be there, and they push you to surrender in their battlefield. Yes, LOVE worth it, however, there is a fine line between love and infatuation that people fail to see. So darlings don’t blame yourself of being suffocated by the amount of possessiveness because real love is passion, not obsession.

4- MASKS, I always spoke of hypocrisy… Having said that, I have to confess that we all wear masks in many situations, but it differs from one person to another. I believe I might be competent to speak on behalf of women out there, most of the time it’s not masks, it is just SHIELDS. Because we are destined to protect ourselves from everything and everyone on daily basis. From a society that is not accepting how we are becoming, from traditions that categorized us as HOUSEWIVES and only housewives. From men who get angry by our success and independence. From men who get either turned on OR turned off by our strength. On the other hand, most of the men I met wear mask to IMPRESS, to PRETEND, and to POSSES. Unfortunately, they are unaware that women are gifted of figuring them out in less than 60 seconds. While some choose to stay, people like myself just leave, because I would appreciate honesty and compensate but I will never tolerate falling for a false persona.

5- OVERACTING… OVEREVERYTHING… Again we humans do overact one way or another, but come on! overacting over a spontaneous action that was perceived as “flirt” in your patriarchal dictionary?! against being authentic, breathing life, and getting lost in colors.. Too much of everything is skeptical at some point. Especially when it’s too early.

6- DISHONESTY, yes a single lie could ruin a great image, a projection of Mr. right would be transformed to Mr. what’s wrong?! OR what’s not wrong?! I am personally ALLERGIC to lies, and unfortunately I choose to be patient for a while, because first I am not perfect, I am much of eccentric, and second sometimes I take that as an insecure phase, the insecurities that society raised in all of us that somehow enforces people to lie. Yet, when lying breaks through your masks, because dishonesty is your daily due. I have to leave because I will never be able to do something about it.

7- DENIAL, and its global… We are either denying our own personal dilemmas or they are denying clear facts. Denial could indeed ruin a potential relationship, project, and even self-confrontation. It takes hell lot of strength and sanity to face our worst demons. Subsequently, since many of us have mastered the art of BRUTAL HONESTY and CONFRONTATION, we become pretty much sensitive to constant denial.

8- MANIPULATION, the worst fact about manipulation that many people may do that unintentionally, unfortunately, it might be derived from denial and insecurities. For some, it is also a pleasure, but beware sweethearts, because people like me will intentionally FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT right before leaving.

9- UNDERESTIMATION, while some of us might put a clear disclaimer on the very first date/discussion/conversation etc. to highlight inevitable facts, in hopes of working something out. Some people underestimate the reaction, and how would you snap intensely to the things you fucking mentioned at the very beginning. Ironically, they become surprised.. it is like DID YOU REALLY TAKE ME FOR GRANTED?! I am sorry to disappoint you.. Farewell.

10- MISINTERPRETATION, When they mistake your spontaneity for vice, your transparency for opacity, your lack of interest for hidden interest, your passion for potential possessiveness. This is when there is no way but leaving, because they obviously fell for what they want you to be, not who you really are.

               Enjoy who you truly are. Don’t be scared to put down your shield and take risks, when you ache, praise being alive. When you love, don’t regret the consequences regardless. Dance in the streets and breath in the universal music, taste the rain and LOVE YOURSELF even more. For life is precious and bittersweet. 

My dedication for those who will read my piece today is: Bittersweet symphony by the verve.

To be continued……………..

Unknown Artist.

Unknown Artist.

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