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Made in Egypt

I wanted to call my piece “born in Egypt” but I found “made in Egypt” more appropriate, eventually in this country we are more of “made” NOT “born”; born suggests living with free will and free will is the mother of sins where I come from.

Usually I end every year with positive thoughts and bright new year resolution, but who am I fooling, we all survive here with a manual of terms and conditions…. and once you decide to oppose the herd, you become a misfit like me.

Let me introduce the external shell, on a professional level I am doing pretty well and thankfully, my lifetime war with family and society ended up with victory. But the price of where I am and who I am was/remains unbearable, for I decided to be my true self and speak out loud in a country that despises freedom, let alone a woman who speaks of freedom.

I am angry.

I am full of rage, I can no longer handle the way this society perceives me. I am tired of explaining and expressing that I might be human after all. I am severely sick from hearing “Rana, regardless of your eccentricity and odd thoughts, you are good – genuine -trustworthy and supportive.” these statements don’t make me feel proud, it suffocates me, it’s like a razor blade piercing each and every ounce of hope that I create from shattered pieces to hold on, survive…. Breathe.

I am dissapointed

Once upon a time there was a revolution, we all had hope, we live in an utopic delusion – we sensed euphoria and we failed to understand that it’s just momentarily.

Our hopes and dreams faded because of everything we failed to understand. Not only an oppressive rooted regime – but our corrupt morals, fragile ethics and HYPOCRISY.

How did we manage to fool ourselves? Change? Freedom? Are you kidding me? How could we expect change when we barley face ourselves with our misfortunes. When we breath hypocrisy, when we betray everyone even ourselves on daily bases?

How could you speak of freedom when you still believe that atheists, agnostics etc. should be sentenced to death? What part of the word “freedom” allows you to harass me just because I am different, how could you speak of human rights when you insult, hurt, mislead dozens of people for nothing other than personal reason rooted in your distort mind.

How am I writing all of this while I hurt many people along the way due to the circus in my mind and the traumas I can’t defeat yet. I might have not hurt anyone “intentionally” but I did by every mean during the war with myself. I am as corrupt…

I am numb

I have lost touch with my feelings, 2015 is such an enlightenment. I got to see the raw ugly image of my society, my people… I wonder why am I surprised? Am I that naive?

However, being numb is pretty useful my friends. I don’t get shocked from daily sexual and verbal harassment anymore, I just live with it – After all, I am an Egyptian pierced and tattooed, I am definitely asking for it, if I was a foreigner then I wouldn’t be asking for this but being Egyptian and different equates and invitation for everyone to occupy my body or at least pierce my brain… What’s the big deal anyway?

Someone told me few days ago that I “escape” from my emotions and I runaway from feelings… Seriously! Why is it hard to absorb my numbness… Live with it, I am not there….

If you live in a country where people resist Police and military abuse and torture but they don’t have the guts to speak of domestic violence and child abuse. What change are you expecting?

If you live in a country where many people would fight sexual harassment but wouldn’t dare to open topics like incest and parental abuse. How can we forge change?

If we live in a country where people still consider parenthood as a sacred institution and domestic violence is god given right, how the fuck will we change anything?

If we are living in a country where men are granted to fool around and cheat while women would be tortured to death in the name of honor. Will we ever witness critical change?

Bottom line

“There can’t be large scale revolution until there’s a revolution on an individual level”



Why Am I Charlie Hebdo? Pourquoi je suis Charlie Hebdo?

Many people argued over using the term “Je suis Charlie”, they condemn the massacre, yet, they reject for a moment to represent Charlie, even with few words on social networks. Others said they don’t care because what happened in France is incomparable to what’s happening to Syrian Refugees, Palestinians, Egyptians etc.

Unfortunately, the majority of Arab Media either justified the terrorist inhumane act as a reaction against ridiculing Prophet Muhammed, and those who chose to be neutral presented Charlie Hebdo as the magazine which ridicules Prophet Muhammed. Justifying in disguise.

The most common question was “What’s with all the fuzz about Charlie Hebdo?” I will to explain in my humble words, why did this incident grab global attention. Most importantly, why did I, chose to scream out loud “Je suis Charlie.”

I didn’t identify myself by “Je suis Charlie” because I have the Arab Muslim syndrome, and I want to apologize for  brutal act, and not because I care more or less about polishing the image of Arabs to the Western world. I don’t give a flying fuck, because sweethearts our image is not to be polished regardless- as those who speak of conscious are minority in this side of the world–Mideast.

Je suis Charlie, because ink on paper should not kill me.

Je suis Charlie because freedom of expression is unconditional; if you are against an ideology or artwork kindly fight against this with words, art etc. Don’t be dragged blindly in the prison we live in today. Don’t be part of the global slaughter that is controlled by the leaders, the very same leaders who will participate in the global march against terrorism in Paris.

Je suis Charlie, because I was born and raised in a country where freedom of expression could put you in jail, where people are sadly too blind to equate few words with treason and infidelity.

Je suis Charlie, because even if I oppose Charlie’s Cartoons. I applause for a country where freedom of expression is granted, because if their publications hurt you, you can simply ignore. Because it’s published in France, mainly for the French, with French language, not with your language. ARABIC.

If you oppose Charlie’s work, if you find them racist or even extremists. Remember that the Arab world raised many questions. When Muslims protest all over the world for ridiculing Prophet Muhammed, yet they did no single act to oppose ISIS brutality,for destroying a nation, for enslaving women, for rape, for murdering humans!

If Charlie’s work seem extreme, remember that its ink against extremism, against terrorists, against massacres. Let’s say they opened the talk about Islam, what did you do? How did you react? What was your tools to deliver a real image? Did you dedicate few hours a day to translate few verses from Quraan to English and French, and deliver what you believe is the peaceful message about Islam. Do you even believe that Islam is a religion of coexistence? I highly doubt that… Otherwise, you won’t justify murder. You are not God’s hand on Earth.

If you are wondering about the global reaction and uniting under “Je suis Charlie” slogan, it’s simply because the French people put all their differences aside, their concerns about Charlie Hebdo and chanted for humanity. It’s the French people who ignited the global consciousness. Subsequently, let’s compare the situation in the Arab world:

  • Saudi Arabia issued a statement condemning Charlie Hebdo’s attack, yet on the very same day Raif Badawi, blogger and activist, was flogged 50 times and that will last 19 weeks for a total of 1000 lashes. Not to mention that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $US266,600. WHY? For creating an online forum “Liberal Saudi Network”
  • Egypt condemned the attacks as well, ironically youth are detained for the very same reason, opposing the protest law and the regime PEACEFULLY.
  • ISIS are brutally expanding every day over the blood of innocents, and sweethearts you barely condemn or speak about it. Sometimes, I feel that ISIS must expand to our homes for us to understand how it’s like to live under terrorists marketing their authority over Islam.
  • Last but not least,  Netanyahu,, Liberman, Benett, Mahmoud Abbas, Mehdi Jomaa, Ramtane Lamamra and Sameh Shoukry are participating in the global march against terrorism in Paris. How ironic, yet let’s thank the French people for forcing false leaders to unite under peace slogan.

Charlie Hebdo burst global attention, because they come from a country where freedom of expression is granted and brutality is not tolerated. A country where atheists and nonbelievers support the right of Muslims to wear veil at schools. A country that is constructing the basis of coexistence.

Don’t compare this to the Syrian and Palestinian tragedy, because those who speak about it are the minority in Mideast. Me, you and few others. Don’t wait for foreign savior, oppose Arab governments for corruption, hypocrisy and lack of humanity. WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE OUR OWN LEADERS ENSLAVED US, ARAB LEADERS WOULD SELL THE WHOLE NATION FOR POWER AND MONEY.

Maybe we are not Charlie Hebdo, but in this very moment, we unite for Charlie Hebdo. For humanity, because this inhumane act is an episode from a series of massacres against conscious fighters. those who use ink, images and words as their ultimate weapons.

Ahmed Rabet died defending freedom, he represents us.. The outcasted minority in the distorted side of the planet.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” 

Je Suis Charlie.. Je Suis Ahmed Rabet.. Je Suis Raif suis un être humain… VIVE LA LIBERTÉ!









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