Silhouette Dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette reams

There was a girl dressed in fears

With eyes of a tiger

And heart of a fighter

She deceived the monsters disguised with dreams

Once upon a time in a silhouette cart

There was a girl with glass-shaped heart

With chocolate skin from silk

And piercing gaze paints kink

She escaped from monsters with angel parts

Once upon a time they thought they knew

The innocence inside colored.. yet hewed

She didn’t cease to rectify

What’s more than meet the eye

For her silhouette dreams

Rescued her from lies…..

outer space trees moon silhouette surreal fantasy art floating island 2253x1377 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_28



2 thoughts on “Silhouette Dreams

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  1. I would like to ask what would you have thought if HOLY MOTHER MARY had sex with 20 or even over 100 men each day in heaven would you find this to be revolting or not ?. What would you have HOLY MOTHER MARY had to fend for herself for some time if she didnt know much if she then did prostitution in order to earn money so she and her first born son JESUS could have food and shelter would you find this to be surprising ? or would you think this is nonsense.

    1. I don’t understand what you mean. I figured that this has nothing to do with the poem, I think it has to do with the blog name. If you took sometime to go through my blog before “Judging” you would have understood that it has NOTHING to do with religion. Your name itself is contradictive, I guess you should know better the depth of contradiction. My blog name the “Holy Whore” is a reflection of my society and how they always judge each-other by appearance or whatever their personal believes reflects. Some women could be holy in terms of “morals, personality, etc.” yet, their difference from society or being a misfit, could lead the majority in my society to only see the difference as form of deviation and accordingly they brand her as a whore.

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