An ambiguous presence,  intricate not to be abandoned.. She struggles to escape – he grabs her senses… She takes a deep breath, shivering and muddled. Once again; she seizes to run – but she is detained within his ropes. 

She is able to leave – but somewhere inside, she does not want to leave. His alluring existence; is her undeniable addiction.

Ironically, for him she is complex layers. For a moment she surrenders, but the next move is dim.. vague and borderline.

She smelled his chaotic thoughts as she surrenders, he was blinded by submission and intense passion. She is aware that love won’t save them, she is aware that it is merely short chapter.

She closed her eyes to reality, blindfolded from her reason, her ego… She gave in to passion, fragile futurity and love… Love that is for him equates possession, and obsession.

To be continued…



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