His Disguise_ A story of masquerades …

Lying on her bed before dawn, watching the night and light intertwining from her small window – with a cigarette between her lips, music in her mind, and fearful mess. She took an oath, not to return to his mangled shadow, not to fall for the charming beast. Nevertheless, she suddenly pauses… “Not to fall, who am I fooling, I did and I am tangled” she whispered…

The alluring stranger occupied her life smoothly. An intelligent fool he was, to take the hurtful path to her heart thinking that loving him would blind her from his disguise.

She tasted his masquerade from the very start, she smelled his lies from the first moment… Yet, the few sincere looks in his eyes tempted her, his heavenly touch brought hope… A hope for the beauty and the beast to become one against all odds.

He was unaware that the invisible pierces her, his demons persuaded him to what’s hidden is to be changed and a moment of truth shall be delayed. If he only knew, what she knows… If he only gave in to what he is and what they were…

He drowned close to her and whispered “I love you, you are unreal…you are intensely pure” – She got lost in his eyes, held him close and devoured his lips… He got lost in their passion, and he misread her wrench.. He misinterpreted pain with love, for what she acquainted was rough…

She adored him, he unchained her senses and regained her passion, if he only knew that she was longing for clarity… If he only knew, she knows…

She had to escape, she had to leave.. For what she loved was unreal.. For what she yearned, can not be revealed…

Would you quit your disguise? Can I undress your masquerades? Did you know that she loved the beast? Did you want her dead or alive? Did you love her? Are you longing to posses her? You are toxic, immortal poison……

I don’t want to win, you will remain underneath my skin, but I will never dive within. I am leaving you amid your sins.

She wore her dark dress, watched her devious reflection in the dark mirror – tasted the last drop of their wine and with pride, she wore her crown.




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