Sinful Virtue V

She…. Diabolique was enjoying her wild isolation, when suddenly.. He, the man of infinite false pleasures, mingled her dominion. Yet, the wandering soul seized to entice him. A war of domination and isolation it is, he misinterpreted her simplicity for arrogance, her spontaneity for vice. The man of false pleasures failed to see who she truly is.

Unlike him, her wise potency enabled her to see the beauty behind masquerades. For a moment, mystery mesmerized her.

The man of false pleasures exploited his heavenly charm to haunt Diabolique. Unaware that her existence is not to be possessed. In a manner of numbers, he was significantly older, yet unaged. She was young beauty with an ancient soul. In a manner of speaking, she owned wisdom to be educated, for him to learn that life pleasures made him nothing but a prisoner in disguise.

He thought she is subject to be changed, he thought his glamor would enchain her, would forbid her from dancing lonesome in the cold streets of their distorted city. He was too arrogant to realize that she can’t be tamed. She is Diabolique heart and soul.

With a grin, she looked into his deep eyes and whispered “Darling free spirits are not meant to be tamed. I control my existence.”

To be continued……

Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist

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