Sinful Virtue IV

” I chose to remain tangled.. For a while.. Because it’s me and only me who controls the complex ropes of my unconditional freedom, and no one shall take the lead.. No one. I refuse to compromise my freedom, my beliefs and above all my passion” She said with vigorous tone.. Yet a fragile soul hidden behind the dark shadows of her heart.

” You always cease to find.. or create an excuse to escape. You wear a very professional mask of strength. Don’t be frightened, it’s an enormous act, no one shall see through it, I know how weak you are because I am your male version.” Her best friend answered..

” I am not weak, I choose when to join the brutal game and when to leave, and darling I can leave anytime.. I just did” She replied..

” Diabolique…. You are weak because you vanish as soon as you start getting attached!” He replied..

“Darling I refuse to be attached to people, places, and even countries..” She responded..

“Exactly taking the risk of attachment needs power, enough strength to handle attachment and loss” He replied…

” My male version or my alter ego!”

she answered and suddenly became speechless, she knew that heartache is the only thing she can’t afford, but she also worships freedom and solitude, floating with the wind and dancing with the hurricane are the only realities that satisfies her. She is a free soul, destined to wander in the universe and explore the smallest details.

Once upon a time she gave in to love, she compromised her freedom only once.. She left scars on his soul and he left immortal questions, but as much as the questions torn her apart, and the soul ache that might be relieved with closure, she finds pleasure in the rummage journey; for it satisfies her incomplete existence.

She dances in the rain, tastes lust and sings silent. His poison haunts her, but she is free… She is Diabolique, heart and soul.

To be continued………



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