Endless signs you are a righteous hypocrite

Responding to an article published by a so-called women magazine, whose editor apparently approved a piece that is mainly based on sexism, discrimination and lack of integrity.

The web magazine reminded me of the tabloids, which generate rumors and scandals to attract readers. Having said that, I am aware that by sharing this article and criticizing we are increasing the the web traffic, however, there should be response to this shameful rhetoric bullshit. The majority should not accept nor approve this cheap material. Not to mention, that posting a so-called article without mentioning the writer’s name is enough to show the true color of him/her.

1- Speaking of women exposing their curves and slut shamming them, How about men who enjoy exposing their well shaped bodies, and pose with their six packs, not to mention pictures with their boxers or a certain “I am super hot” guy on the beach attitude. Of course it’s acceptable yet, women posing or doing whatever is considered a “slut” aka “shemal”

(Please note that I am not criticizing any behavior whether it’s men or women, everyone has the ultimate freedom to do whatever please them, but we have got to point out the double standards epidemic).

2- When someone writes (I don’t care what people say about me, I am what I am) and justifying that people open their mouth because of her slutty behavior aka (alshemal) while giving the almighty solution of  get well behaved aka (lemmy nafsek shewaya). Haven’t you ever noticed that people who open their mouth (Most likely  you are one of them) keep it open regardless 🙂

Yet, let me get this straight,  the difference between someone who speaks out loud and says to hell with everything I am what I am, and someone who hides whatever he/she are doing, which is against our false traditions is that (Some people are true to themselves and real, others prefer to wear that mask and conform to society, although both of them might be going to the same places, having the same drinks and doing the same exact actions).

3- What’s with girlfriends cursing each other (as if you men don’t speak the same language, and even in public with your voices out loud) Did you really call a girl slut (shemal) for having the same language that men use.

4- Having too many male friends doesn’t make a woman slut, how about guys (swingers) who have million female friends, and ironically they are almost an icon for fellow men, did you ever call them man-whores. Of course not (because in our society, they are granted to do whatever they want but we women should be covered and ashamed)

5- I don’t really understand what’s super touchy with male friends refer to, if she is super touchy and they are fine with it, why are you so concerned!

6- Having one night stands with random people (I believe according to what was written, its one night stands with men, which means they both agree on that terms) Why did you make it sound as its a women thing ONLY!

7- Always horny, are you serious! How did the writer know, and in that case I advise you to make some psychological researches about sex addiction (which is applied to both men and women) and the high rates of sexual harassment and rape in our society are reported from women, as far as I know there are no harassment or rape incidents that were reported by men means that, Darling women don’t harass nor rape men, its the opposite.

8- When a girl gets drunk or dance on bars, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is getting your majestic attention, she is just having fun. However, speaking of this I personally saw men harassment cases that are justified by them being drunk. Give me a break!

9- The so-called writer claimed that (The body language says it all) is there such slutty body language? slut is a word that is used to degrade women who are doing the same behaviors that men are granted to do, as simple as that.

10- According to so-called writer, if I found the article offensive then I am a slut (Shemal) well I don’t like the article, its offensive, it’s low, it’s shameful and ridiculous. If people find the article disgusting, it does not necessarily mean they are following the slut manual you created, there is something called personal rights, privacy, freedom of expression. FUCKING FREEDOM, and there is also SEXISM, DISCRIMINATION, and PATRIARCHY which is greatly exposed in that article. Spreading this bullshit is the main reason for women abuse.

Freedom is a personal choice, and you are also free to criticize and to point out your rejection, you are free not to get involved in any action that is against your believes, and as long as personal choices don’t interfere with yours, you don’t have any right to force anyone to follow your standards.

To be continued



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