Sinful Virtue III

” Isolation and solitude have always been her comfort, but then… She met him…. They soulfully intertwined, and unexpectedly the moments became liminal during his absence.”

Within his spider web, she chose to be tangled. Nevertheless, She remains stubborn and frightened to believe. To believe that among his shadow she finds home. Her intelligence is distinguished, but the truth is, she an absolute fool when feelings attack.

His voice euphorically caress her skin, so warm yet frightening.. Surprisingly, he chose to take all the risks, and regardless of all earthly obstacles, his biggest challenge is diving onto her complex, merely simple spirit. She portrays contradict.

As she lays on her bed watching a lonesome star in the dark sky, with a cigarette intertwined between her shivering fingers. She whispers ” Your emotional lust left me uncertain, I thought I craved the twilight, but its fearful without you. I chose to remain tangled, and I shall bear the consequences. I am falling.”

She is certain that these mute whispers will reach out for him, for their encounter is a heavenly miracle. Magic united them.

To be continued….

Unknown artist
Unknown artist


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