Sinful Virtue II

_She thought it’s a mere ephemeral encounter, but their unity continues to ignite everything they are. 


“I should just escape, it has always been easy.. to run.. to disappear…” She whispered…


Never did she thought that she will be caught within a spider web, never did she expect that her gift of “disappearance” would end up impossible, and as her ego stands with a dagger, and her deep self complains; his voice, his vivid touch makes everything merely irreproachable.


She is not a woman of reason, long ago she created an imaginary world, she reached the horizon. On the contrary, he was sane, practical, and quite normal. However, they are a mere reflection, she triggered his verity… She retrieved a dark side, a place he reached long ago, somewhere he struggled to forget. Horizon!


“How did I go that far? Human interaction was never entertaining, just a series of fake aspirations and disappointments” “Darling remember you are not alone, I never expected to reach that far” He answered.


His short answers explains his hidden thoughts, he doesn’t need to explain further, for she become his mirror. Regardless, she enjoys the verbal competition: that brings an extraordinary flame in his eyes. Their sneakily encounter ignites their existence, a must to survive the null colorless life apart from their shell. They are both gifted, they have million parts to manage, both are loners within their dream land.


At night, with a cigarette between her lips, she watches the stars and wonders “Will I escape, or I choose to remain tangled?”

To be continued….

Art By Cameron Gray

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