Sinful Virtue

That breeze! a dark conflict of narcissism, longing and seduction!

”Am I intertwining with my worst demon, or its just the voices in my head” She whispered.

The war burst off, as his spark encountered her existence. She is everything he used to be, he is everything she is, her present is everything he wanted to be, his present is her worst fear. Their reunion is unbearable, yet addictive. The walls she struggles to build become unsustainable, and for him it didn’t even exist to start with. It all feels wrong, chaotic and insane, regardless, the euphoria that captured her senses is irresistible.

Behind the virtual wall he gazed in her deep eyes, trying to dive deep onto her soul, for his hidden gift has always been the key to catch his new prey. However, this moment it wasn’t like before, seemingly, she was nothing but a reflection for a hidden part of him. She lived in an iron shield, a forbidden place for everyone who encountered her path.

A smooth shiver occupied her senses, as they lied close. In his eyes, she saw her pretty self. She was aware of her beauty, but through his eyes, she was a goddess. Together aligned, in a hollow circle, and virtual eternity.

To be continued…….




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