Conversation with an entity called GOD

I don’t know where to start…. Unlike many people in the universe, your existence concerns me. I am confused about the main reason of my curiosity, maybe the spiritual side of me distracts my thoughts, or maybe I cannot afford getting disappointed if after life ends up to be a lie… We live our lives without a real target, we are humans, we never get fully satisfied.

As you know religions became a tool to categorize people, I wonder why did you create all these religions; the ones who are considered to be holy and the new age religions-not to mention the pagan religions. The current life does not make any sense, I keep seeking for a solution to the chaotic universe; where people crave for immortality and claim to be humane. We are not saints, yet it confuses me how people cease to justify their lustful sins. Are we meant to survive for lust? Are we meant to ignore instinct to be so-called purified?!

The funny truth is that those who are genuinely purified, those who stand for mere humane morals; are the ones who suffer. The young die for beliefs & the ugly old elites control everything. Your world is contradictive, A spot for hunger and a spot for unjustified greed. A child is raped, and a stripper is respected (Dare to watch but never touch).

Disasters don’t surprise me anymore, the universe became explicit. Minority seeks a real change, but who will guarantee that the minority will remain true to themselves. Can you guarantee that spotlights and fame won’t change them, can you guarantee that the oppressed won’t be dictators.

I am scared to believe in your existence, because if I do; I won’t  find answers to these questions. It  does not matter anyway, because the only truth I know is that whether you exist or not, something is extremely wrong with this world…..




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