Within my dreams

A mystery, dream and a stone

They pull me apart from my soul

Eyes closed and body relaxed

When nightmares touch and fire attacks

With a sacred touch they left me drained

And held my scent in dark space

They kissed my breath and held me close

For a wind could intertwine their morgue

Smile and hairs should hide my fears

For a precious one, should not bleak

But universe has a different plot

For what’s hidden is not

And far beyond what eyes can see

A fragile heart haunts thee 

Eyes wide open__ lips barley breathe

And body is chained still

within my dreams

Art by unknown artist

Art by unknown artist


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2 responses to “Within my dreams

  • Kal Naga

    The twirling birds around an energy spot in the image… is funny enough a daily scene I see here in Budapest! Above the parliament dome..
    The energy in the poem is telling … same energy haunts us too like the twirling birds that tells us about the energy spots on our planet

    • holywhore

      Funny how thoughts ends up similar with out words, Ironic how energy attracts souls and bring them together with no coincidence. However, the universe has a plan to bring us all close to the energy spots on our planet.

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