US against US

I dived through our endless maze

To see how far we ceased to amaze

I wonder what sculpted our minds

During chaotic lifeless times

So here I am once again

Going through words that drains 

Here I am trying to shine

Seeking Solely Soul

To be mine…..

The cold winter of January

 Was designed for us to align 

Could it be a momentarily star

Or a lifetime crimson bars 

Lackadaisical now we act

Fervent sparks we forcefully have

We walked down the dark streets of February

As dark thoughts hewed

And soul-aches attack

As crown of thrones from  past

Could no longer be chained

I thought we will never mourn 

But as March arrives voices of us provoked 

Seems timing intertwined 

A wrong place__ Not Divine

Days passed  like merciful funeral melodies

Alike_ null and void

Doubts painted lone inside us

Salvation is colorless vague every night

Hello, Hello May arrived

And with a big smile 

we deceived no-one but us

Am I destined to hold your hand

In a life that I barley stand

Late June labyrinth to be ended

As the magic of us 

Pushed silence to fade

And in that colorful night

We craved the piercing eyes

Of our past & present timeline

Nevertheless July became a mess

Of fears and lies we could not resist

Shadows filled our eyes 

And the picture of us

Still waiting to intertwine

I wonder if its a chapter to end

Or patience that solves our maze within

Artwork by unknown artist
Artwork by unknown artist


  1. Love the fact I never knew it was about a loved one till the end… Egypt in my mind was reviled a lover at the end topped with a great mesmerising image … loved it

    1. It can refer to anything.. I love that my poems always relate to people in everything… the truth is, this one is about a loved one and of course Egypt, our immortal passion.. Thanks a lot ya Khalid, your comment means the world to me…

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