Clouds rebel and eyes pierce skies

skin shivers as body lies

On the dark waters

 I touch the stars

And draw your face damned of lies

Escape and loop pretty blue eyed 

While memories desecrates existence

And murder my facile innocence

Our souls aligned.. no more divine

Suicide haunts and can’t be done

How insane we thought we will be

How sinful our dreams were deemed

On the dark woods you took my hand

To the wild side I lingered to stand

We sculpted trees so we can breathe

We vanished from world.. lurid and bleak

Once upon a time I opened my eyes

Another kiss that is no more desired

Sinful touch seeks to intertwine 

Its no more magical and merely logical

Bring rainbows and summon passion

Your thoughts are limitless 

Our Lives are pointless

Artwork By Christopher Lee Donovan

Artwork By Christopher Lee Donovan


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