The art of me

She woke-up as the clock screams

Voices of a new day awakens thee

A chaotic tendency cannot be

For the new world is indigent

And never free.

Colors of a new day are inconvenient

Its all the same as snakes are rebellions

Wear up that mask and play inane

Talk of null duty that goes in vain

I will wear that dress and hide my flesh

For your eyes seek to taste my breath

I am merely vague in a lost camouflage

You left me mauve chained in trash

I seek tranquility within blue skies

But skies rejected my lurid eyes

I will resist your lifeless hoax

I am beyond deceptive world

I painted odium universe

Where wings are no more broken

and heterodox is no more spoken

And of all your rules and insane policies

I can still fly where heaven isn’t colorless

You think I am narcissist

Because you are machinations

Artwork by anonymous
Artwork by anonymous


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