Self portrait

She questioned god

of his created universe

She questioned world

of its destructive empty maze

Along came sanity soldiers

To chain her mind that is no more vulgar.

Years have passed

And moments crashed

In that old dark room

imprisoned and strayed

They accused her of madness

And honored vagueness

Once upon a time

She applied reality

And  got lost vanity…

Years have passed

And moments are null

She wore that mask

She is perfectly defunct

A suicide tendency

Haunts her fantasies

But  Sanity soldiers pierced with spiders

As he came close

Her nails were sharp

To taste his skin

and suck his heart

She played cruel

She smiled like fool

As spider webs are diurnal tool

Nights have passed

And tears dried

On the dark walls

She paints promise

Of  fresh new world

She sculpts trees

and river of tears

to heal her fears

Tranquility to be achieved

Dilemmas are no more bleak

As sanity soldiers buries her mind in peace.

Art by Ingvar Bjork
Art by Ingvar Bjork

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