Lifeless Affair

Remember the night of the 25th

When lips aligned

And forcibly wrecked

I sensed their portrait

That made me culprit

And left me apart

With a damned shaped heart

Remember that promise that went in vain

I apologize.. I am not a  saint

In my mind secrets are engraved

Of a lonely child hurt and scared

In my mind visions are vivid

As men torn innocence

With forbidden lustful intelligence

In real world I painted strength

While far beneath I fought their ugly breath

Life urges to fight tendencies

While soul aches became endless

Scares of sinful rapes

haunt my dreams

I am not a hero

I just want to breathe

In my dreams

I painted family

Where father is alive

To reveal their vanity

They speak of virtue

And hold a knife

To cut my dreams

And force a life

I am nothing but chaos

I fight trios

Of men seeks life

And rape me apart

Don’t seek to understand

bear the consequences

The battle in my mind

Was destined to end solely

For no man alive

Can fight my agony

Surreal art by Paulo Canabarro

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