Never ending revolution..

I extremely understand that some people are against Arab Spring. They believe that revolutions in Mideast are nothing but a long time plan for the so-called new world order. The majority now believe that Arab Spring uprisings jeopardized the area. Just to cut it short I want an answer for my following questions (which I doubt you can answer, however, you will justify):

All the presidents, kings etc. in Mideast are corrupt and they have been puppets for United Stated.. Why are you blaming rebels for asking for their basic rights?

Regarding the so-called new world order if it is to be true, Why don’t you blame the corrupt leaders?

For the security forces, you have been nothing but worshipers for every regime. Are you really blaming rebels for removing your masks? (Security forces: When regimes’ prostitutes blames humanity)

All my life I have learned that military forces are protecting Egyptians. I have never expected murders, and humility from our so-called guardians. Do you think our generation will believe in you again? Never…

We have been accused of infidelity, betrayal and insulting the Muslim brotherhood’s loyal president, not to mention that insulting Morsy is a lifetime duty… I need an answer regarding our sexually obsessed clerics.

Do you think rebels are enjoying bloodshed, humiliation and ridiculous accusations? We chose to break your chains. We are no longer indignant (Its better to die with dignity than to abandon humiliation)

Last but not least for those who are missing Mubarak’s era. YOU ARE PATHETIC. I don’t speak on behalf of every rebel, however, I am certain that fighting corruption is not personal, it is not about an Islamist, liberal or secular president. It is about Justice and basic human rights. The revolution continues against dictatorship, against double standards, against corruption and against sexually obsessed clerics. BREAD, FREEDOM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE..



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