Hidden Reality

That is how it started

That is how it ended

Merely vague

Darkly drains

Can you read the forbidden?

Can you dive onto heaven?

The scent is haunting thee

As wind sculpts trees

Crimes feel innocent

Dreams are indigent

Upon my skin I dry

The blood left from life

Body is nothing but mine

Faiths left you lackadaisical

Hypocrisy is no more magical

No one cries tonight

As greed burns God’s right

Build your verses righteous

Hold it tightly vicious

Paint distorted purity

Curse instinct beauty

Create lives

And heal lies

For the stars are far away

With million shields portrayed.

SURREAL ART 14PS. artwork found online (unknown artist)


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  1. Reblogged this on dufoss's Blog and commented:
    Still, forget fulness and absence
    memory scatter Fund without never a
    permanent stubbornness and try to
    attend do not always succeed
    deserves compassion and mercy
    introduced in the subject and the name of dialogue will remember your
    last day in the life of natures ignorance
    We write things and bring her back,
    sometimes dozens of times if wonder
    no reason that he left us with reason
    and memory
    Candles hope in life and
    light bulbs are to every thing else
    oppressed illuminate the path and stubbornness unjust anger of the Lord

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