Revolution Portrait

Paint it all with chaos

Revolt upon their realities

Burn it all down

Kill that righteous clown

Who claimed to be God

And stripped happily in mud

Cry his verses out

Let him taste his doubt

Light him dark tonight

Wear him up that divine

Let him witness his damned verse

Burn his crystal maze

Torn his policies with razor blade

Scream out you ‘’are merely vague’’

Reflect his personal psychosis

Nothing is left but our voices

Down with your lies

Down with your sacred lines

Down with your highness

Down with your pitiful lightness

No more vows to be told

Your truth is to be unfold




  1. I really like this a lot. What a powerful ending. It can also be read as if you’re talking about a person who thinks and acts like he/she is God.

    1. Thanks a lot, well actually it is inspired of those who acts as gods and also its inspired from people who question invisible entities within what’s happening in the world… well I leave it to everyone as reflection of their experience.

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