Lost Vow

Once upon a time, she was lost in a dark rhyme

Velvet dreams were sharp and tender

Upon her isolated selfish divine

The voices forcibly surrender

When the unknown align

Souls burn colder

As angels, mourn for liberty

And Chains within heavens

Fight to imprison destiny

Demons betray maidens

And torn secrecy forcibly

The battle of sacred fantasies

Once to be told heavenly

As we break sacred vows

Desires will devour smoothly

To burn greed realities

Close your eyes sincerely

Feel there is no more lives

Beyond far skies solely

Taste the flavored rains

Abandon your body peacefully

Give in to your damned lusts

As your skin shatters fervently

You are to be witnessed

As you paint them flawlessly.


PS. This expressive artwork was found online.


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