His piercing eyes

I am isolated

I am my own tourniquet

I am chained

I am drained

I am a river of fears

I am an old dead leaf

I walked onto my thoughts alone

I fought battles on my own

I sensed my fervent skin

I enjoy my deviant sins

I am crawling

I am drowning

His piercing eyes provokes me

His piercing gaze shatters me

I have to be alone

His razor eyes torn

He sees through my skin

He senses my sins

I devour his lips

I squeeze my thighs

I breathe his existence

There is no more resistance

Whispers evaporates

Screams elaborates

Our shivering bodies

Beautifully intertwined

I open my eyes

I breathe no more

Our beautiful vice

Ecstatic in my mind

Thoughts, vague thoughts

For His piercing eyes

Opened the forbidden door



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