Suddenly she realized that the words must be left unsaid, and she quickly runs to her only getaway. Illusion as considered by many, a true realm to herself. As a borderline victim, few truly understand why she prefers that lunatic phase and its outrages consequences. Unfortunate to the norm, nevertheless, a bless for her. They believe it is her childhood tragedy, well her childhood tragedy affected a lot. However, it was nothing but a new door opened for her self-exploration.

She has learned that difference comes with a price, freedom equals perfection . Despite of the undeniable struggle, her dreams, future and being who she really is were a final embrace.

Regardless of this war inside her mind, she could always recognize herself, her unlimited goals, and she never gave-up on her passion. The scent of wild future made her survive . She loved herself, she adored all her flaws, and contradiction, for the philosophy and life that comes out of it.

In a world that is only affected by colors, smile and shape. She realized that she should conform, as life would be easier. However, the day she pretended and conformed forcibly, just like any other girl seeks the simplest things in life She simply broke down and ran away.. Turned off the lights, and listened to her explanatory music, and dived into the unknown.

Once upon a time, unexpectedly he appeared suddenly out of the fog. She used to enjoy loneliness and always ran away from companionship. However, something vague and dark kept them attached, connected and addicted. He knew how to haunt her mind and she could perfectly bring tears into his blue sapphire eyes. An odd couple they were, their attachment will be secretive forever. Life is unfair and the way he fearfully understands her. He gave up to the cravings of fate, certain that he can just hide in the corner, watching while fixing his lifeless flaws, and come back asking forgiveness. For her existence has always been unintended.

Once again she stands alone, paints the perfect smile and shines. It does not matter, she has always preferred serenity and it comes with complete insanity. In the 21st century, happiness is rare and hardships accompany your destiny. Her oversensitivity, lacking hypocrisy and her devious spirit did not get along with the colorless fake world. The spirit is devious yet strong. if  unclear wounds can not be healed, then energizing the lost ones can being life onto emptiness.

She is a perfect magnet to insanity and in each story, she enjoys the unlimited risks, it brought her life and makes her shine. Suicide is such a haunt, dangerously seductive. Death is another part of life, irresistible and scare for the majority. However, it another journey and complete absolution . with a less gloomy flavor, life goes into the right ”normal” direction.

The other dimensions, the fascinating colors and what hides beyond the invisible will be always craved inside her mind and spirit.

The end is left to imagination. Details, names and faces are unimportant; for each part is merely universal.


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