The hypocritical prostitution.

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If there could be a word to describe my current state, it would be complete disgust. I am completely sick from society. Yes, I am Egyptian, I took a part in the revolution; and I admit the majority are complete hypocrites. No wonder why Egypt is going backwards before/after the revolution. I cannot help but being very angry, because every day the degraded situation reminds me of the way people gave-up everything for a so-called stability. However, stability does not only include money and life style; actually, stability in Egypt is everything accompanies negativity.

Recently religion is  far from its true purpose, and please away from” my personal beliefs.” I guess Religion is meant for purification, a guide in life and thanking god through worshiping rituals. However, in Egypt/Mideast its quiet different Religion is used to judge, control, not only political control (that is new trend.) But also, in social level; from school to family. How many times did your parents use religious verses in order to scare you? How many times we were told to obey our parents’ orders with no argument because ‘’God said so!’’?  How much were you deprived from ‘’freedom of choice’’ and ‘’freedom of speech’’ under the name of ‘’obeying your parents equals obeying God’’?

I remember that the previous questions has countless answers, and I remember that the ‘’don’t argue quote’’ did nothing but making me much stubborn, it took me long time to figure out who I really am; and it’s not an easy choice when you choose to be yourself regardless of the out-come. Nevertheless, the rules and speeches I heard while growing up did not make any damn sense. Actually, hypocrisy caught my attention and I figured out later that ‘’hypocrisy leads to virtue in the modern society.’’ In Egypt and Mideast, there are various static rules, which do not make any sense:

  • A: You should come back home at 10 pm.

B: What about my brother, he stays out all night?

A: Darling he can party all night long, he is simply male.

I never understood terms of gender segregation; elders say they these rules protect girls from what so ever, but that does not make any sense. Come-on ‘’If a girl decided to do anything, she will do it!  Stupid curfews or constant control will not make any difference.

  • ”Man are free, eventually he will settle down with the pure grounded girl, who does not have any past relation-ships, a girl who is religious and strict.’’ In our society, men can fool around, have sex, get drunk and do whatever comes to their minds. However, he still has the absolute right to seek the grounded virgin; and if the girl was quiet different, his family can simply reject although, they are aware of every detail of his life, but the lame excuse is ‘’He is a man.” Nevertheless, as for us girls, we are chained with the damned girl’s reputation and all of this non-sense talk aimed to lead to Mr. Perfect.

PS. Mr. Perfect has nothing to do with female’s image of prince charming; he has to be the parent’s prince charming. In other words he has to charm the family with bank account, fancy car etc. However, the girl will have to be charmed forcibly.

The number of families in the 21st century who still believe that the only job that fits women is being a housewife, is unbelievable. I am personally annoyed from the comments I hear daily from ‘’elders’’ concerning marriage. LOL

These are just few examples concerning gender segregation. However, hypocrisy comes as a full package, when you learn how to pretend perfectly and fake who you really are, then everything becomes easier and when double-standards identifies your society, when honesty is considered as unacceptable boldness ‘’ Just because you are female.’’  I confess that wearing a headscarf, conforming and avoiding speaking out loud would make life muchhhhhhhhh easier. I should just join the hypocrisy club for free!

Eventually, it disgusts me how they use religion to justify everything including gender segregation. When some man gives you speeches about virtue although, he goes back home and watch pornography all night long, when they insult homosexuals/feminine looking man because its Forbidden ”7aram” However, they are on their way to the bar . When they criticize western life-style while they are deeply longing for it, And if they got an opportunity to travel there, of course they do and they conform perfectly;  When some ignorant men believes that being open-minded/different means you I am available!

”Apparently in Mideast Religion went commercial and became a profession.”

To be continued.


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