Confessions phase I

Confession no.1  when the closest people becomes your worst enemy, when they enjoy destroying your life because you can’t conform.

Confession no.2  The hardest part when you face yourself and you accept the fact that you will never be a sane parent so you forcibly decide to give up marriage, children and eventually you lose your feelings.

Confession no.3  when you are butchered alive from a conversation and you are being accused of faking your tears, eventually you can not cry however you tried..

Confession no.4  when you insist to be different, reject hypocrisy and some mother fucken whores believe that they are using you stealing your ideas, stealing your talent and with an evil grin, think you don’t notice; while you are witnessing their failure.. pathetic!

Confession no.5  when a drama queen calls you a drama queen although you are always listening to their mind raping stories and when you mention your simple struggle they complain, for the first time in my life I enjoy seeing such people losing everyone and fail more and more, I can be evil at some point, I am not flawless..

Confession no.6  talking about my flaws I am CRAZY, I am full of conflicts, I am defensive, I am over sensitive, I can be vulnerable at a second and extremely strong afterwards, I am contradictive BUT I AM NOT HYPOCRITE, I AM BLESSED.

Confession no.7   I hate my average pretty face which made people enjoy how I look not how I feel, not what I really am..

confession no.8   now that I am finally united with Crunchy hashishet 2alby, I can re-upload sanity..

Confession no.9   I am going to explode soon, life recently lacks surprises, adrenaline and risks, that’s not good for me.

Confession no.10 I enjoy risky hopeless romance, I enjoy taking risks and going off limits for what they call impossible, please understand I am not arrogant but settling down and stability don’t impress me much, I seek a lifetime muse.

Confession no.11   Those who know me much understand that I don’t belong, I can’t conform, and life doesn’t fit me anymore, nothing makes me happy because nothing is real anymore, I gave up on mortals, I don’t belong to mortals and their lives.

Confession no.12   lately I figured out the reason for my constant writers’ block, nothing amuse me nor inspire me, I am seeking my new muse.
Confession no.13   when you consider me misfit, I smile, if sanity still counts then I don’t want to belong to such hypocrite creatures.

Confession no.14   I have never been able to show my true feelings to those I truly love, friends, alternative family or loved ones, another damaging flaw.

Confession no.15   I am perfectly flawed, I am blessed with borderline, I never wanted to be anyone else, I am glad for who I am and I am aware of the price I am paying everyday.

To be continued..

1 Comment

  1. No. 1 – I have been experiencing this a lot lately, it’s TERRIBLE.
    No. 2 – Who cares about having children these days; the world is overly populated already and being a mother means sacrificing one’s life (money, effort, and time)!
    No. 4 – I think I know what/who you are talking about here!
    No. 6 – Just like me, that’s why we’re sisters! BLESSED TO BE OURSELVES!
    No. 8 – LOL!
    No. 10 – I hate stability and settling down as well, you’re not alone.
    No. 11 – You belong in this life because you’re one of the very few people that are real.
    No. 12 – SAME HERE!
    No. 13 – Misfits fit together. We fit out, not in.
    No. 14 – Same here, believe me.
    No. 15 – AMEN!

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