The military dictatorship meets Muslim brotherhood’s greed

The majority currently believe that the recent Egyptian dilemma is the presidential elections; As Egyptians are currently fluctuating between Mosry and Shafik i.e An Islamist radical state VS. Military state. For almost year & half the Egyptian youth have been fighting peacefully to implement the revolutionary demands, standing steadfast against riot control forces known as central security, & the military forces controlled by the military Junta, and after a series of massacres the military junta announces the implementation of the so-called democratic presidential elections. However, anyone who had observed the political performance of the military junta in-addition to the unjustified brutal massacres would understand they represent the other side of Mubarak’s regime.

Throughout the Egyptian history there was an ongoing conflict between the military and the Islamists, while people were in the middle barely surviving the daily hardships and oppression. On the other side the Islamist movements were building a popular grassroots, medical convoys and charity were a powerful method especially in the marginal zones all over Egypt; when the majority are poor and ignorant, using religion as an identification profile becomes extremely effective.

During the first few days of the Egyptian revolution, Muslim brotherhood had stood in a vague position towards the revolution, and by January 28, 2011 they officially announced their participation in the protests which was known as ‘’Friday of Rage’’  and before Mubarak’s resignation they attended a meeting with Omar Soliman who was assigned as the vice president  at this period, and that was another vague action from their side since it contradicted their history of struggle with Mubarak’s regime,  and while Egyptians are struggling for a real change.

After Mubarak’s resignation Muslim brotherhood’s position started to be clear by time, and during the constitution referendum the Islamist political parties including Muslim brotherhood used religion to direct the people by voting YES ”YES for an Islamic state and NO for secular state” as much as this sounds absurd it greatly affected the uneducated majority in Egypt, according to this their veracity became doubtful, and their ulterior purpose to take over the authority became crystal clear after their contradictive statements, for instance their absolute lies about unity with other political parties and their claims about not taking over the parliament. However, during the parliament elections they used cheap means which was also used by national Democratic Party in order to be the majority in the so-called revolutionary parliament; not to mention their shameful performance during the parliament sessions and giving up all the revolutionary morals.

When the military attacked the protesters it was confusing at the start, everyone tried to justify the attacks nevertheless, after a while Egyptians understood that the military junta is the other side of the coin; unfortunately Muslim brotherhood chose to be on the military’s side as long as that help their interests, and on July 22, 2011 which is known as (Shariaa Friday) The Islamist parties along with Muslim brotherhood saluted SCAF, and they ignored the consensual demands.

Abbaseyya, Musbero, Mohamed Mahmoud, cabinet and Abbaseyya II clashes were horrible yet MB chose to be on the military’s side, Islamist parliament members accused the protesters of being spies and funded from foreign organizations which aim to destroy Egypt and the Islamic identity, However, Al-katany the head of the former parliament did not object and such cheap accusations were meet with applause and respect from the Islamist parties.

In few hours the final result of the presidential elections will be announced, I was willing to vote at the first round but at the last minute I decided to boycott because I became certain that the military junta won’t leave any chance for a democratic elections; and in the second round I certainly boycotted. Morsy and Shafiq are murderers and they represent the former regime with their lies and corruption, Muslim brotherhood went to the square after the new constitutional   declaration and they are claiming that they will fight against Shafiq; that is extremely absurd because for more than a year they had the chance to implement the law of political deposition against the former regime but their lack of honesty, and their greed made them blind, and now history repeats itself the military had turned against Muslim brotherhood once again; but this time the military are not culpable because Muslim brotherhood favored their interests, and what goes around comes around. I am not going to join any protest which helps the ulterior purposes of Muslim brotherhood; I am going to revolt against repression, and the military dictatorship, I will be in the true battle, and as long as there is young people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for justice, the world will be better place regardless of greed and violence.


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  1. Oh my wow! Well said – I love what you said there, and I totally agree. People of the MB and former regime should be burnt and buried alive! That’s enough what they did/are doing to us. And you know I support you all – the true battle – even though I didn’t participate in it before, unfortunately.

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