Tahrir square: reach the horizon, ”October 29, 2011”

  Yesterday I realized another thing which makes life worth living, before the revolution I used to have the best friends ever a diversity of people with opposite mentalities & I have considered myself lucky. After the revolution I have met new people & I can proudly say those are my friends, some are completely different & others are just like me. All my life I never believed that I will meet people who are completely different YET we will have long conversations.

For those who did not have the chance to visit Tahrir square believe me the Tahririan conversations are not only about politics, actually it’s about everything, for the first time in my life I got the chance to express myself freely & many people got to know who I am & although I am completely different they still accept me & I am sure Tahririans got my back 🙂

I have witnessed the strangest debates ever a conservative Christian & a conservative Muslim, then both of them arguing with non believer, believe me it is not as bad as you think! actually fruitful, truly funny & what really makes me smile the fact that it is not about proving a personal point of view as much as it is about caring for each other, each person has his own beliefs, he cares for his new Tahririan friend & he wants to make sure he will be OK even if it is about his personal relationship with god, even in paradise. I personally believe that all religions, all beliefs has the same basic morals & values, so why should we argue about differences.

I can’t deny the fact that radicals scare me off, the Islamists protest at Tahrir square brought me heartache, but when I see Tahririan buddies, our generation & what we really believe in I feel comfortable… I smile once again. I have to say that our out of date stupid study materials taught us something true Egyptians are genuinely kind.

           We have been polluted by greed & ignorance & we will overcome the Mubarakian disease.


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