Spirit Says

"True Love is bigger than fantasies. Good times aren't always present, obstacles are inevitable. True Love is commitment, responsibility & resilience."


The Pearl

Once upon a time in the deep blue ocean there was a pearl harnessed in a dark shell dreaming of flying and praying for devotion she is but a glimpse of light among monsters.   Sirens approached and whispered for freedom, we shall have a ransom your youth will be ours your smile will be... Continue Reading →

Very Short Story

Once upon a time a western non Muslim boy fell in love with an eastern girl from muslim family. They were both agnostic and had no respect for the status quo, their union chafed the foundation of the hypocrite eastern society. But she was stubborn, strong and resilient, and she challenged the entire system. They... Continue Reading →

Just A Fanboy-ish Thought

Great review, worth reading. Please follow and show some Love!

Darker Knight

The Selina vs Miranda dilemma..

Lemme explain what I mean..

In the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne aka Batman was involved with two totally different women.

The first, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman was a thief who wore a mask and stole from him, betraying him to his enemy.

The second, Miranda Tate, offered him support and kept pushing to be by his side and came to his aid when he was down.

And yet, Bruce remained having faith in Selina while being reluctant into embracing Miranda into his life, which seemed rather stupid, judging by both women’s actions.

Then came the most crucial moment when Batman realized that Miranda’s support was just a false “mask” hiding an ugly nature and identity, while Selina was inspired by his faith in her and earned that faith just the same, stepping in to save his life when he needed help the…

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Struggle for Control

"Don't dare to summon the demons & then run frightened by their force." Meet Diabolique, a mysterious creature dressed in human attire. She has piercing eyes, an innocent smile and soft voice. At the first look, she reflects a vulnerable sensitive being - which is true, however, it's a layer within many layers. She is... Continue Reading →

Spirit Says

"Faith is the invisible force in this universe, it's the power that pushes you towards the leap of faith. Miracles aren't meant to be seen but seized by belief."  


He thought in escape he will seize solace but every night demons dance on his bed and memories of the silver moon continue to sear his head.   It's such an irony the sirens chafed him to flee and now in his misery, they glee.   He leapt towards an enamel world mundane and bleached... Continue Reading →

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